Massive Selection for Calcium Chloride Pellet 94% - Magnesium Chloride(Common Flake) – Luyuan

Chemical Name: Magnesium chloride

Brand Name: Luyuan Tech

CAS NO: 7786-30-3;14989-29-8

Chemical Formula: MgCl2   

Chemical Strusture:                                                       

Molecular Weight: 95.21


1.Metallurgical Industry: an adhesive used in the manufacture of refractory materials and masonry arms, and is the raw material for making flux two and smelting magnesium metal.

2.Chemical industry: mainly used in the manufacture of various magnesium salts, such as Magnesium Oxide, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate, firecrackers, solid agent.

3.Machinery industry: daily life, magnesite can be made with mechanical packing, triangle cushion and furniture, is a good material of soil material.

4.Food industry: with brine (magnesium chloride solution) making tofu over the stone point made of tofu, quality tender and delicious, but also used as additives for food.

5.Traffic industry: used as road deicing and snow melting agent, quick speed of ice, less corrosive to vehicles, higher than sodium chloride effect.

6. Medicine: made from magnesium chloride, Agriculture: can be used as magnesium fertilizer.

Technical Data Sheet:

Grade Item

White Magnesium Chloride

Common Magnesium Chloride

Yellow Magnesium Chloride


White Flake/Granule

White Flake/Granule

Yellow Flake/Granule

Content of MgCl2 .






Grade Standard:

Industrial Grade/Feed Grade/Food Grade







Water Insoluble(%)




Sulphate Content (SO42- )(%)




Total nitrogen(n)




Alkali metal chloride(in CI-) (%)



Phosphate (PO4)(%)



Packing: 25kg paper/PP/PE woven bag, 1000kg jumbo bag, 25kg bag into 1000kg bag

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