Diallyl Phthalate


Chemical Name: Diallyl Phthalate

Brand Name: Luyuan Tech

CAS NO.131-17-9

Chemical Formula: C14H14O4

Molecular Weight: 246.26


1.The synthesis of acrylic resin for acrylic synthetic resin system, such as printing light pulp, waterproof

glue. It is useful to improve the resin adhesion, water resistance, gloss, improve liquidity and adjust the

resin viscosity.

2.Unsaturated polyester resin: as crosslinking agent, as cross-linking agent the product electric heat resistance, size stability, pre-mixed or pre impregnation of the unsaturated polyester resin production is

better than styrene. It can also be used for insulating varnishes and hardening of timber production.

3.The polymer plasticizer: widely used in automobiles, refrigerators and other sealants, foam wallpaper, artificial floor etc..

4.The polymer: widely used in molding materials, decorative laminates, UV curable ink, paint, etc.

Technical Data Sheet



         Analysis result


Colorless transparent liquid

 Colorless transparent liquid













  Refractive index(25






      Boiling Point



Packing: 220kg plastic or steel drums Shipped 4 drums per pallet,17.6t/20’ FCL

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